Hi. I'm Matthew Brown.

I am a freelance

Front-End Web Developer, Social Media Consultant, and More...

I am here to help local small businesses grow, be seen online and be found by customers.

Learn about what I do

Here is a taste of the things I do.

I have been designing websites for years for friends and family, learning the ins and outs of templated web design, and teaching myself the languages for great design (Html5, Css, Javascript, and more), I have always been interested in helping small businesses grow and become known online and I often devote my free time to learning more and more about design and good business practices. I have been a professional photographer for 5 years creating stunning images of families, weddings, and still life using creative lighting and much more.

I also work at a startup company as their Marketing Creative for all things social and search related. Here I have worked in the WordPress platform to create pages, created Static Webpages for squeeze pages, helped to moderate a live class on learning to code and used Seo to grow and promote the company. Additionally I have been studying UX design (User eXperience design) and I know some of the best practices to have customers and clients come together on a website, and how to design the look of the site to help improve growth and sales.

What I can offer your business:


UX Design Consulting

Business Photography

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Search Engine Optomization

Wordpress Template work

Resopnsive Template work

Monthly Updates

Monthly Analytics

Fast, Friendly Service

Here are some things I've worked on recently.

Below are a few sites I have worked on or have had a hand in

I will create a webpage for your small business.

I create 1-5 page Wordpress sites, for a one time setup fee and a separate fee for a bundle of Monthly Hosting, Monthly Updates, Seo tools, Monthly Analytics, Social Media integration and much more!

For more information on my rates and services please email me and request a quote.

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Grand Ledge, Lansing, Holt, Mason, Lake Odessa, Hastings, Sunfield, Portland, Eagle, Mulliken, Ionia, Lowell, Saranac, Clarksville, Alto, Freeport, Clarksville, Woodland, Woodbury, Nashville, Vermontville, Kalamo, Charlotte, Eaton Rapids, Dewitt, Riley, Westphalia, Fowler, St. Johns, Bath, Lyons, Muir, Belding, Carson City, Hubbardston, Greenville, Delton, Cloverdale, Battle Creek.